To the Nago Pineapple Park!  We’re a theme park full of Southern Fruits and Colorful Plants.

Wine House

Wine House
“Lagrima Del Sol” is a pineapple wine made from 100% fresh pineapple juice produced in the only pineapple production region in Japan.  The name means “Tears of the Sun” in Spanish, and visitors can satisfy their palate with the tropical taste of wine made from pineapples carefully raised under the southern sun. This fruity wine is easy on the palate and the body and compliments both fish and meat dishes equally
Making Pineapple Wine
Visitors are able to see the production process of our pineapple wine “Lagrima Del Sol.”
All you can drink Tropical Fruity Pineapple Wine
Make your own personal wine!
Fruit wine made from natural pineapple juice matured in the winery.This refreshing fruity wine is best when chilled ice cold.Has also been a long-time seller loved by local by local customers.
This wine made from 100% pineapple juice is manufactured in Japan's only pineapple winery. Pineapple park specialty.A fruity wine full of the blessings of the sun.
Large Hall (Wine Shop) The 20m high vaulted ceiling is a site to see.  

MondeSelection 2011,2012,2013,2014 Gold Award winner.Delicios drinkable pineapple vinegar(pineapple&shikuwasa).this vinegar has a very mild taste and is easy to drink.It is made by brewing 100% pineapple juice and adding brown sugar and Shikwasa juice,all of which are made in Okinawa. MondeSelection 2011,2012,2013,2014 Gold Award winner.Premium Pineapple cake.Please enjoy the premium taste of the moist texture and fine flavoe of pineapple.
MondeSelection 2012,2013,2014 Gold Award winner.Nushi Masu Chinsuko.This sweets popular for its delicious combination of mild sweetness and hint of salt is made with"Nuchi Masu(Salt of Life)"recognezed by the Guineness Book of Records.The traditional Okinawan sweets Chinsuko has become even better. MondeSelection 2014 Gold Award winner.Premium Tankan cake.Okinawan Orange"Tankan" taste.Remarkable accomplishment the gold award on the first appearance at the Monde Selection.

Park Map
Pineapple Field

Shell Gallery
Pineapple Gallery / Pineapple Factory
All the pineapples you can eat / Souvenir Shop
Palm Tree Restaurant
The history of pineapples
Environmental conservation efforts called 「Zero Emissions Activities」.