To the Nago Pineapple Park!  We’re a theme park full of Southern Fruits and Colorful Plants.

Shell GalleryShell Gallery
"Gifts from the Sea"
Weird and wonderful shells taken mainly from Nago Bay in the north of Okinawa and specimens from 32 countries around the world are on display here.  There are so many different kinds of shells you never get tired of looking at them.

This is a MUST SEE spot!

All natural shells in pinks, oranges, purples and yellows.

Shell Shop

At the Shell Shop visitors can buy shell lamps, romantic looking heart shells, spider conch shells, colorful bay scallop shells, and shell sets made up a of number of different types of shells at prices beginning at 300 yen.

Park Map
Pineapple Field

Shell Gallery
Pineapple Gallery / Pineapple Factory
All the pineapples you can eat / Souvenir Shop
Palm Tree Restaurant
The history of pineapples
Environmental conservation efforts called 「Zero Emissions Activities」.