To the Nago Pineapple Park!  We’re a theme park full of Southern Fruits and Colorful Plants.

Pineapple Field
You can enjoy these sceneries on the route of the pineapple cart.Stroll around the pineapple field and the tropical garden of the subtropics on the cute automated Pineapple Cart.Being enticed by the sweet scent of pineapples, let's go search for pineapples.Experience the subtropical naturePineapple park,located in Nago-City,is a theme park of pineapples very popular among tourists!The cute and mystical automated pineapple ride takes you around the park filled with the sweet scent of pineapples.
Rare pineapple flowers and colorful tropical plants of over 1000 kinds await you.No problem even on a rainy day! It is an all-weather facility.There are approximately 100 types of pineapples such as the Princess Pineapple, the Bogor Pineapple, the Coral Pineapple and the Cream Pineapple in the vast pineapple field surrounded by Bottle Palms where you can observe the growth process in order from seedlings to flower up until the growth of fruit.
Really? This too is a relative of pineapple? Explore the subtropical forest.Observe subtropical plants in the forest like a jungle. The colorful plants seen here are also a relative of pineapple.The palm tree surrounded pineapple fields paint a picture of the slow passage of time in the southern islands.The mysterious Pineapple Cart that moves on its own is very popular! It is full of tropical atmosphere featuring a line of palm trees, a tunnel of Bottle Palms, the mysterious flower of Ananas which is a relative of pineapple and a jungle of Cyathea Spinulosa. The Pineapple carts are fully automatic and include a voice recorded guide.  Visitors can while listen to the announcements in their pineapple cart while they look at pineapples from around the world, and how they grow. The Nago Pineapple Character “Papimaru”

See the way pineapples grow.

Relieve the fatigue of daily life by observing the 500 types of Ananas and the giant Cyathea Spinulosa grown to be 32 feet tall, listening to the flowing sound of the small waterfall and getting a good dose of negative ion.The Northern part of Okinawa Island has been well known as a pineapple growing area for a very long time.  The acidic red soil that covers the north is ideal for cultivation.

  The plants bloom with beautiful purple flowers.  

Tiny pineapples the size of a baby’s hand

There are many varieties of tropical plants flourishing in the bright greenhouse of the “Tropical Garden.”
There are approximately 1000 varieties of tropical plants and fruit trees including pineapples with their colorful flowers, tall ferns, anthurium, bird’s nest ferns, mango, canistel, and bananas in the tropical garden for your enjoyment.
Hop aboard your pineapple cart and go look around the tropical garden at in total comfort! Loads of wonderfully shaped vibrantly colored flowers. The waterfall in the tropical garden.

So this is how pineapples grow, interesting.There are approximately 500 different varieties of Ananas that can be seen blooming in the Tropical Garden including Coral berry, Tillandsia, Guzmania, and Pitcairnia coralline.

The Northern part of Okinawa Island has been well known as a pineapple growing area for a very long time.  The acidic red soil that covers the north is ideal for cultivation.

A joyful memory together with the pineapple.You can see and purchase here the souvenir photo taken when departing on the Pineapple Cart in a cute pineapple shaped holder.

Park Map
Pineapple Field

Shell Gallery
Pineapple Gallery / Pineapple Factory
All the pineapples you can eat / Souvenir Shop
Palm Tree Restaurant
The history of pineapples
Environmental conservation efforts called 「Zero Emissions Activities」.